15 year Guarantee on wooden frame.

5 year guarantee on high density foam seats

5 year guarantee on seat webbing and coil springs.

5 year guarantee on all stitching.

Guarantees are only applicable to the original purchaser and are not transferable.

Guarantees do not apply to damage arising from negligence, abuse or misuse.

Leather characteristics AND CARE

Full grain leather


What is full grain leather


Full grain leather refers to the top part of the animals hide and the complete surface of
the hide is intact and only the hair has been removed. It is the strongest and
most desired part of the couch.


Full grain leather will exhibit natural scars such as tick bites and scratches as well as
branding marks. These marks are considered to be the signature of full grain


Apart from having a much longer lifespan than any other type of processed leather. This
leather type also breathes, which makes for a much softer leather that ages
beautifully over time. 




Caring for your full grain leather 


Leather furniture requires very little upkeep. Start off by regularly vacuuming or
dusting with a soft brush or attachment. 


Keep your leather away from direct sunlight and heat sources such as fireplaces or vents.


Depending on your type of leather, you can apply our plush hide food every 3 months to
prevent excess drying of your leather (please note this in not suitable for any
of the rustica or bombardier leather ranges)


If you spill any liquids, immediately use a cloth to blot any excess spill. Do not rub
as this will spread the stain further.


Don’t use abrasive or strong cleaning agents, use some lukewarm water with some dove soap
and dab it on the stain. Repeat as necessary and allow to dry.


In the worst case scenario, we can assist with the replacement of damaged panels for



We take pride in using solid hardwood on all our furniture. Since the wood is natural and an organic product, it will need maintenance and care over time. 

Wood Care

As a rule we recommend no detergents used to clean or maintain any wooden surface. A damp cloth for general dusting and cleaning or a damp cloth with a touch of PH neutral soap (Dove) for stubborn stains.

We do offer certain maintenance products for all Monocoat finishes which you can purchase in store.

Wood Characteristics

Solid wood furniture is furniture that is manufactured from timber that. comes directly from trees. The wood is sawed, cut and kiln dried. No two pieces of wood are alike and each piece will have natural grains, knots and other characteristics.

Expansion and contraction can occur as the humidity levels change or if the furniture is in direct sunlight.

Seasonal gaping or minor cracks in the grain pattern of the wood are considered a normal occurrence and should not be viewed as defect of materials.